Disruption of U.S. by Cyber Operatives

This article reflects on a world scene that is dynamic, integral, and is a Complex Adaptive System. what this means in a nutshell is that we now have the recapitulative stages of all former phases combined into an integral whole (that is dynamic and complex and constantly learning and evolving). These stages include the shamanistic, village, warrior caste, agricultural (aka ‘Traditional’), modern, and now the post modern. The post modern, far from being something devoid of other and previous stages, is characterized by an intensified interface of all previous stages…a situation which is quite tense and stressful. This is a characteristic of the post modern: stressful tension.

In fact the Complex Dynamics of the post modern gets its energy from this turbulence. Each antecedent prior stage was replaced by its successor because of a ‘flaw’ that needed to be addressed and this is what allowed the phase shift from one stage to the next. However, in the post modern, there is no moving away to another stage but greatly concentrated dynamic friction as all these sibling-stages are confined to one tiny ‘global village’ and are forced to deal with each other and find some way to adapt (and hopefully, get along).

Exacerbating this condition is our present digital media technology which affords us even greater focus and closeness between antithetical groups with reinforced confirmation bias, each supporting their own brand of goals, values and principles. Distance is no longer the insulating luxury it once was.

So that’s the set up and anybody can see that it plays a role in today’s world. The part that we don’t see (and that we often forget about, even if we are aware of it) is the intense and zealous role of military, espionage, political, and non-state cyber-operatives hammering away at the harmony and integrity of our established social institutions, customs, norms, and cultural stability for the purpose of creating chaos, disruption, and covert manipulation via socio-cultural decoherence. These malefic agents are greatly assisted by computational efficiency, machine learning and big data, AI, social media gamification, and mass-market propaganda campaigns (such as the ubiquitous sock-puppets, astroturf, gas-lighting, and junk-news phenomena, etc.) all of which are astonishingly effective, and travel by stealth -well below the radar of cognitive awareness and deliberation. The military destabilization units and cyber operatives have succeeded in inciting dangerous new levels of antagonism, acrimony, and over-armed hostile citizenry ready to storm our state-houses and inflict paramilitary coercion against the trusting and orderly.

So at this moment of pandemic disruption, the hostile forces of invisible yet on-going cyber warfare have achieved a stunning victory and naive society has been, by its own fatal inherent weakness, thoroughly routed and is in utter defeat. Our political leaders and ‘elected’ ‘representatives’ owe their success to the powerful leverage of all of the forgoing and are deeply ‘in-bedded’ with the enemy. They have no option for escape nor are they inclined to opt out. There is, therefore, no political solution. Meanwhile, the environmental crisis grows worse by the hour, creating ideal conditions for ever greater cycles of famine and pandemic. Genocides and refugee crises will only aggravate the preconditions of disease and human suffering. Absolute domination via Politically biased retributionists will only convince hubristic power-brokers to further leverage the inequities of class warfare and cronyism as the global economic collapse continues to wreak disaster on the poor and downtrodden; leaving the 1% healthy, privileged, autonomous, and unimpeachable.