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Sociology itself is the double-hermeneutic Reflexivity of the Living System in which we ourselves co-respond with Complex Personal Agency, led intangibly by the temporal-symmetry of Process Relational autopoiesis. Be the Ontological Strange Attractor of the New Social Future. Be Social. Be Ontological.

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We’ll see the coming transcultural shift live and direct as City meets Country during the next 50 years. This shift will be Dynamic, Non-Linear and vivid, because the vital forces always coalesce at the borders and margins -the urban electro-chemistry of the cell-membrane, as it were.

Quantum-cultural influences have already perceived the shift toward these zones of influence and are even now concentrating their turbulent energy toward the hyperactive interplay of social liminality.

The new power of Social Architecture has not escaped the Quantum Mind of Social Intelligence, whether seeking asylum from the sweltering repressions of yesterday’s laggards or leading from the Supercausal Attractors of our Ontological Future.


Let us build Bridges of tomorrow’s sustainable superabundance, for blessed are the inheritors of Emergence and non-local phenomena.

When space becomes redefined as meaning, socially constructed realities will proliferate the cosmic web and the social animal rejoices in the conceptual entanglement of his theoretical assemblage.

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ontological bridge

Ontology is the word of Being. Ontological Sociology is the Sociology of Being.

We are co-evolving along with the surrounding context of our own creative designs. There is a New Species of Human Being walking on the Earth in These Times, for the Earth itself has entered upon a vast transformation and sweeping changes have come upon all of her inhabitants. We are not what we once were. 

Until recently, it was presupposed that each of us had a coherent Self; something essential and permanent which made up the kernel of our Personality. It was thought that this was the True Being within us which maintained continuity throughout all the vicissitudes and impermanence of Life’s evanescing changes.
In modern Social Thought, such a being is largely dismissed as an ideological fiction in favor of a more Behavioral Assemblage of Complexes and Histories. So we have lost the notion of our True Self but we now project that notion upon a Coherent Continuity of Behavioral Complexes. We have become a post-modern Assemblage. Some are even referring to our Self as the Robot.

Humans have excelled in adaptation to their environment for at least 300,000 years. In fact, possibly better than many of our animal peers. We have certainly helped ourselves in our own cause by the dexterous use of tools as well as diligently reshaping our environment to better suit us.


If Whitehead is correct (and Durkheim too about Collective Consciousness), it makes sense that that there is a Process Mind (or Minds) operating well outside of the individual cognition. This implies that Social Function may be more a matter of Extended Agency than of Individual Agency.

All of this points towards a deeply meaningful Truth: that Sociology is Alive and Social Functions are Living Beings, not mechanical activities that emerge from the clanking machinery of interpersonal reductionism.

The Dawn of a New Integrity

About Us

Every individual lives out a historical biography and he/she contributes to the shaping of Society and his/her moment in History by the very fact of living within and being a part of it.
These are the same Concepts applied by Jungians to the Journey of the Soul in the Development of its Character within the Context of its Plot and sub-plot. Durkheim and Jung had some similar ideas concerning the Collective.

Creative Intrapersonal Illumination

We have come a long way in Jungian Archetype and the Hero’s Journey; Transpersonal Psychology; and the ‘Mechanics’ of Personal Success and Happiness. We are now upon the threshold of a new and exciting Frontier of Creative Sociological Illumination which stands ready to cheer the Hearts of all Mankind, bringing Joy and Satisfaction into our very Future.


What does a Behavioral Assemblage of Complexes look like when we open one up and peer inside? We would see the Neural Networks of Operant Conditioning as they have wired together in Crystallized Learning Patterns derived from the Information Saccades of our most Terrifying Event Horizons. Personally speaking, that is, for each one of us.


Individuals often become falsely aware of their social positions, within which the psychologies of many are formulated.

This is a cause for great hope, for Construction is a modifiable pursuit.


Humans carry a more frugal set of genes compared with, say an earthworm. Current scientific thought attributes this to the ability of Humans to employ epigenetic expression more adaptatively.

Throughout this process, Human adaptability has kept up quite admirably. The continued ability of Humans to adapt at the current unnatural pace of advancement indicates that genetic selection has advanced to include trans-ribonucleic means of expression.

The tragedy of the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’

Living Systems create themselves through autopoiesis. The Whole is something Dynamic and Alive, referred to as Living Systems. Both the Whole and the Part are continuously expressing each other as themselves.

Living Systems (known as Complex Adaptive Systems) have the ability to grow, change, learn, adapt and evolve.

How to find Meaning in a World without Facts


Environmental Socio-Topography

Bodily natures of the Social Organism within the microsystems of processural echoes.

Take control

Future Compatible

Integral Consciousness is the Rainbow Cryptography of the Future.

Shift effortlessly in and out of the Human and Transhuman Potential.


Infinite Parallels of Entangled Correspondence

Information swarms in the Infinite Field of Zero Point Turbulence.


Modern Fonts

Archetypal Networks

Attunement to the Listening Culture in the Transglobal Superorganism

Socialize and Create something special with like-minded people.

In so many ways of late, Science has been finding that we are a Universe of Self Organizing Automata, which grows and develops into Complex Systems of Interrelated data; Aggregates of Informational Architecture in a Social Milieu. In this model, Consciousness is an ambiguously related spin-off, the flagship product being non-thought cognitive sub-routines and neural circuit processors.

The New Psychology then, being a Science, allows that our Personality is Constructed from the assorted patches and modules that run our prehensive application menu.

machine roof
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In such a case, our Perception is controlled and governed by the interpretative screening of these filters and the limits of their capacity to model. Object Oriented Design gets trumped by numerous other factors such as bandwidth, driver up-dates, wet-ware version, user interface, affordability, and other such factors.

These chain-of-components considerations almost assure us that our operating system becomes one-of-a- kind. If this is so then we are only modeling the image of our filters rather more than any object of our attention.

What We Provide

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We go through life, joyously substantiating the confirmation biases of our Self-Reflected Interior.

The question arises: In what way can we find that Sociology Reflects the Self-Referential Truth of Individual Agency.

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We will find Self-Reflexive Truth at work in the Doylies of the mezzo-persona of the Individual Agents.

At this point we are asking: where is the seething Complexity of Emergent Self-Referentiality in the vast, churning confluence of Sociologistics?

human at the gate

In contemporary society, the power of Individual Agency is often vested in the power of the Office that she holds. Her buying power and net worth are related to her salary and income.

The right Office will be Harmonious with the expression of her personality, disharmonious placement can distort her personhood and repress her development.


In the Noosphere, we are convening with other minds who are present within the vast Collective Conscious.

There is a Quantum Non-Locality to this that is both Eminent and Transcendental.

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Access to VIPs is essential, and will impact both Reflexivity and Personal Agency.

In the Meeting Room we conduct affairs through Representitives of our Harmonic Egregors.


Individuals are Constructed of Infinitesimal Particles of Social Reality.

Even our Personalities have become the Biographical Summation of our own Neuro-Synaptic sub-plots and the Neurotransmiting Actors of whatever Scene they are currently Performing.

Behold! We are now miniaturized to the Quantum level of Social Reality to find Self-Referential Belief emerging as our immersive micro-partner.

We’re always happy to hear from legitimate contacts. We do not appreciate self-promoting spam and other discourtesies. No one does.


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2005 - Present

10-01 Organization

The 10-01 Organization is a complex adaptive organization based on dynamic holarchy and emergent learning communities. It features Social Architecture (based on non-linear systems and social network theory), consulting, and services (including social, political, and environmental activism, events, and education). It also serves as home to several Indie publishing laboratories.

2013 - 2015


American Social Welfare System; Anthropology; Behavioral Management; Community and Urban Development; Composition and Rhetoric; Counseling Psychology; Creative Writing; Development of Sociological Theory; General Psychology; General Sociology; Group/Cross-Cultural Counseling; Inequality and Stratification; Phenomenology and Existentialism; Philosophy of Aesthetics; Philosophy of Art and Beauty; Political Sociology; Professional Social Work in Contemporary Society; Psychology of Personality; Race and Ethnic Relations; Research Methodology; Research Methods (Graduate); Social Change; Social Deviance; Social Problems in American Society; Social Psychology; Spatial Environmental Problems; Statistical Methods; Studies in Poetry

2010 - Present


Social Architecture (Community Building); Social Theory: (Networks, Dynamic Fields, Ecological Complexity, Holarchy); Social Psyche: (Creativity, Extended Cognition, Philosophy; Process-Relational, Integral); Appreciative Inquiry. Practicum: Creative Specialties, INTP, New Modalities, Creative Intuition/Right Brain Specialties

About Me

Social Theory; Social Architecture; Creative Specialties: Author, Publisher, Composer/Producer, Website Design, Fine Art; Educator; Sociologist; Social Networks, Community Building.



ASU: Social Theory


Lenoir-Rhyne: Educational Research


Mecklenburg County Mental Health:
Behavioral Conditioning


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Design University: WebDesign


Field Investigation:
L.K. Walker Adjusters


Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services


  • Excellent Social skills and an insightful and intuitive People person
  • Great Office and Clerical skills; including Office and Word Processing software; can Orchestrate and Delegate
  • Good Presentation skills; am comfortable presenting in front of small groups and in close proximity
  • Great Teaching skills and abilities (Talented); Gifted at Explaining
  • Excellent Listening and Counseling skills; Good Practical Sense and Clear-eyed Assessment; very Creative at finding Solutions; Excellent Coaching and Life-Coaching Abilities
  • Talented at Computer Graphics and Website Design (experience with relevant software); Artistic Eye for Arrangements and Composition
  • Talented Writer (Fiction or Non-Fiction; text, instruction, policy); Can verbalize and express well in written form
  • well-developed Documentation and Reporting skills
  • well-developed Research skills and abilities
  • a very able Learner; can learn new skills and abilities
  • Disciplined; can practice and learn to apply new skills well
WordPress 61%
Illustrator 71%
InDesign 50%
Html & CSS 85%


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In Conclusion

Complex Memes have written the Content in the Constitution of Constructal Infonomics in a manner far more handsome than any connectographer would imagine.

While the Sociological Imagination derives its power base from within the narrative context of coherent holarchies, nothing eludes fractal analysis like biocentric semiotics for a complex social word-view. Inherently perspective in this continuum of branes and Special Relativity, the fields may be linked through the spirit of the hive-mind via the vanishing point on the plane of Infinity.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet:  Those who Know, have the Theory of Breathing and will always Prosper, leading us forth in the Ontologically Social Plenitude of instant foreknowledge.