Constructible Frames of Referential Perspective

ontological sociology constructibleConstructive Constitution

As C. Wright Mills noted in his book, ‘The Sociological Imagination’:

“Individuals, in the welter of their daily experience, often become falsely conscious of their social positions. Within that welter, the framework of modern society is sought, and within that framework the psychologies of a variety of men and women are formulated.”

Of course, we now understand the extent to which the Social Construction of Reality affects us. This is a great cause for hope, for Construction is a modifiable pursuit.

Fluid Machinery of Sociological Transformation

As we have seen in Philosophy and Psychology; Perspectives, Frames of Reference, States and Doylies (the nuts-and-bolts of pattern building Mindsets) are able to be worked with and Transformed; that they often are left-overs and no longer suit the needs of the Citizen in the achievement of her goals or the satisfaction of his Beliefs, but can be up-dated and changed to work Beneficially and far more Efficiently (and Effectively).
So It is the same with these Perceptions, Mindsets and Pattern States of the Sociological Doylies. The task is to determine the workings, the Social Machinery, and the manner of Harmonious Workings in the Fluidity of Transformation.

Personal and Historical Biographies

Mills goes on to say that every individual lives out a historical biography and that he/she contributes to the shaping of Society and his/her moment in History by the very fact of living within and being a part of it.
These are the same Concepts applied by Jungians to the Journey of the Soul in the Development of its Character within the Context of its Plot and sub-plot. The Sociological Imagination applies this a little grander at the Collective scale.

Creative Intrapersonal Illumination

We have come a long way in Jungian Archetype and the Hero’s Journey; Transpersonal Psychology; and the ‘Mechanics’ of Personal Success and Happiness. We are now upon the threshold of a new and exciting Frontier of Creative Sociological Illumination which stands ready to cheer the Hearts of all Mankind, bringing Joy and Satisfaction into our very Future.