Scenario Visualization

ontological scenario

The Artist, Composer, the Author; they look the part: they look like what they are. You can tell what is Archetypal. Adam and Jesus are Archetypal. We know what they look like, somehow. Moses, too. The Faculty of Inner Vision; it Informs us.
Theater Inside Our Heads
We are Inner Vision, too. There is a Mental Theater upon which we Act, Perform, Engage in Dialogue with Inner Others. Dialogue with Inner Others is not always with Others who are so Interior. Sometimes we cast them Outside the Inner Sanctum, placing them just at the Edge; partly inside the Perimeter but in some ways Outside.

Stage Lights

Out There it is dimmer, less vibrant; just a shade Grey. I remember well the practice of Old School light-bulbs: one hundred watts was the standard (one hundred and twenty watts was not uncommon). These days we make do with sixty watts all over the house; the circuit-breakers are wired for it; sixty and no more. This Demonstrates that we live our lives nowadays at a forty per cent reduction in Illumination. Forty is a lot; almost half the light. Why does it conserve power if we struggle to see; to stumble in the dark? I feel our nation has become timid, frightened, mouse-like: scurrying along the baseboards of Life; afraid of the Light.

Grey Dialogue of Twilight

Fearful of Freedom, too. When faced with the Light of Choices, Omnipotence, we retreat toward the Shadows, afraid of better days, success, of risking a wrong move in broad daylight where the Others may see us. The same Others that we banish to the Perimeter of Dim Grayness at the edges of our Mental Theater; the same Others with which we argue in our Inner Dialogue. They might see us reach out to take hold of the Good, to take that risk. They might See us and Know that we Care; that we Tried. Because we kept them down Inside, we made them wrong, we let them fail to be among us; now we cannot bear to risk ourselves before them in the Light. For they are, after all, Us; it was all just a Mental Dialogue, Performed upon our Interior Theater of Thoughts. We banished ourselves. And now we are afraid to go back there, to meet ourselves in the dark alley-ways of our Haunted Mindscape.

Perceptual Framing

Of course there are many different ways of Framing our Perceptions; Visioning is one Modality. Dialogue is another. Sometimes we find meaning in Song, or Story. Great Literature has an Effect. That is why we call it Great. Various modalities under the larger umbrella of Perception. Each modality has the nuts-and-bolts Context of its sub-modality. It is here that the Central Character of Meaning interacts and is honed within His Plot and sub-plot. Scenes are the Phases of our Learning; Understanding is what we gain from it.
Slow down, son. It’s like everything else…not so fast already.