The New Species of Human Being

ontological sociology picture 5A Transitional State

In the Old Millennium, there is a Previous History and all of its complex interrelationships, which comes piling up to the Brink of the New Dimension, then stops abruptly; followed by blank space. We are well into the blank space now.
This demarcation forms along the boundary of the Old Dimension and shows very clearly that we have entered a New Dimension with no particular precedent. The reason for this lies in the New Consciousness, and the New Consciousness is an attribute of the New Human Being.
There is a New Species of Human Being walking on the Earth in These Times, for they are New Times as well.

Unrecognizable Novelty

The Old Majority will look upon these statements as mere allegory, and they will have to, because they are not able to conceive of the New World nor are they able to recognize the New Consciousness with their old familiar patterns of thinking. Nevertheless, The Earth itself has entered upon a vast transformation and sweeping changes have come upon all of her inhabitants. We are not what we once were.
The Old Consciousness is not able to Perceive or Recognize the New Consciousness because of its radical advancement and, truthfully, the New Consciousness can barely relate to the old primitive mindset anymore.

DNA Activation

Initially, our Human DNA was the director of our Fate; causing our health or disease and either fitting us with advantages wherever we competed or limiting us wherever we failed (Darwinian genetics). Then it developed to become a co-partner with us while expressing tendencies according to our interaction with our environment (epigenetics). Now our DNA has been Activated and it sits waiting; waiting to build whatever we should so choose to build; but waiting all the same, because we have not recognized our new role of Leadership in the Matter.

Runaway Vehicle

And so the picture is this: there is a Stage-coach with people riding in it. It is drawn by powerful and spirited steeds. But there is nobody holding the reins, so it is careening across the uncharted countryside at breakneck speed without the slightest hint of direction or purpose.
The Steeds are the Powerful New Engines which are driving us into the Future. The Coach is our New Body, complete with Active DNA. The Countryside represents The New Dimension we have entered. And the people inside the Coach are us: the New Species of Humanity.

Quantum Evolution Differs

In the Old Dimension; we would have felt our way into the New Dimension via Darwinian Evolution. The ride would have been much slower and we would proceed by the safe eventuality of trial-and-error learning experience. These are the New Conditions and the Old Methods will not serve us anymore. In the New Dimension we are Quantum Jumping through Unknown Portals into Altered Time and Syntropic Spatiality. We are profoundly unfamiliar with the New Topography.
Someone needs to take the reins and guide the Vehicle safely to its Destiny. But who? Who can say with any sincerity that he or she is an expert on the unique novelty of the New Dimension and its New Species of Humanity?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stress and Fatigue

The Earth and all who live in it are a part of this utter advancement. Those who choose to swim backwards against the tides of change will become exhausted in their vain efforts towards regression and be swept along with the prevailing currents regardless. But those who elect to ride the wave will advance easily, in almost infinite ways, and experience fulfillment while having fun.
At this point in time there is stress; many humans are feeling stress and fatigue during this stage of the transition. That is because the Stagecoach is bumping along through the scrub-brush at breakneck speed without anyone in the driver’s seat. There is a lot of careening and quite a bit of emotional concern; folks are hollering and there is a lot of unnecessary noise and finger-pointing. These represent Old Conditioned Behaviorisms and Complexes. Stress and anxiety are not the ideal prescription for health and wellbeing. Nor is scornful reciprocity the foundation of unified communities.

Benevolent Domain

Fortunately, we have not been abandoned without any help. There are Guides with Experience and Wisdom who can help us make this crucial passage in these important transitional times. These Guides are in fact the Original Engineers of our previous conditions, the conditions that we have rapidly outgrown, and are proud to assist us in this New Phase of our Evolutionary Advancement. They have helped us in our Past and they stand ready to help us Now.

The Wisdom and Experience of our Benevolent Guides can ease this Transition without wrecking our nerves and bruising our bodies; but only if we look to them for the help that is freely available. Being a New Species requires a New Consciousness and we must expand beyond our rustic and primitive thought-patterns, if we are to survive.