Multiples and Egregors

Multiples and Egregors

Multiples and Egregori

The issue of Egregors is central to mass public phenomena and the collective consciousness of our day. We have an extreme phobia of Multiple Personality disorders, yet modular multiples is likely the best conceptual of how our aptic structures work in the subjective personality. The two are quite related.


Designed for Visual Storytelling & Aptic Bundle Theory

Multiples and Egregori

An enunciated Principle of Truth, when several Minds have Registered it, results in people who tap into the Inner Thought Currents or Respond to the Play of Universal Mind.

Members of the Planetary Hierarchy (Genii, etc.) then present the New Ideas, Discoveries or Revelations to the Group of Adepts, telepathically.

Among them He will find one who responds more readily and intelligently than the others, who can then Influence other minds. (This is the  theory of Multiples).

The function of the disciple is to focus a stream of energy on to the physical plane where it can become an attractor for similar ideas and thought currents which are not yet strong enough to live by themselves (Egregori).


Telepathic Laws:

Telepathic Law number 1 (Law of Information): the power to communicate telepathically is to be found in the very nature of Substance itself. It lies potentially in the Ether and is known as Omnipresence.

Telepathic Law number 2 (Law of Egregors): the interplay of many minds produces a unity of thought, powerful enough to be recognized by the brain

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