The Time Walker

Dimensions of Time

The Time Walker

This is a superluminal device that allows users to travel through time and space. Able to shift the parameters of space-time, the big question is whether it can be trusted or not.

The Time Walker has been hailed as a breakthrough in safe and effective time travel. It can move you between parallel universes with just a click of your mouse button, but do not forget that nothing ever stays the same in any universe! The Time Walker presents the user with an interesting enigma about what could happen if we travel between retro-resonant parallel universes.

The Time Walker application sets up in universes where time is nonlinear and infinite, meaning that the only things that exist are parallel and relative, often mirrored in fractal iterations. Since the concept of a present tense, or now, are undefined here, the subdivision of Time cannot be determined since division by zero is not permitted. To subdivide time is to evoke eternity. Clocks will not run. Events cannot be timed. Duration takes one on a journey someplace else. Every moment an infinite amount of parallel universes are created, each containing different outcomes for every action taken by every individual.

In this outlook, many ideas about time travel are explored and some questions raised that might be relevant in curled dimensions of our daily experience.