Curled and Infinitesimal Dimensions

Brane Worlds

Brane Worlds, or Transdimensional Membranes, co-exist all around us, unseen, as tiny curled dimensions of infinite complexity. They learn, adapt, and evolve as any Complex Adaptive System, and are part of a network of panpsychic collectivities that are non-locally entangled in relativistic time and virtual space. In this very short introduction, we look at the infinite fractal terrain of their interior as well as their network ecology within the universal information field which sets them apart within the realm of parallel world Cantor Sets.

Brane Worlds: Video Transcript

Brane Worlds, or Membranes, play a fundamental role in our Universal Reality; consisting of Etheric Envelopes of Magnetic Jelly, they form the Gel-like cell membrane of our experiential dimensions. Gels are mostly water acting in a liquid-crystal matrix that can inter-penetrate other Gel Matrices, super-positionally, and still maintain their individual integrity.

Each Brane World contains within itself its own inter-subjective paradigm of complex adaptive systems, with which it interacts and responds… -with Holographic Integrity. The Dimensional Realities inherent in one Brane World may differ radically from its neighboring Branes and they may or may not commune with one another on a local level.

Each particular Brane World is considered Informationally Complete, consisting of both Complex Data Ecologies as well as the Actors who live and participate within them. The Interior of a Brane is considered Infinite in expanse, due to the fractal nature of Terrains.

Inside a single Brane are multiverses of Parallel Worlds, connected in their entirety by the threads of virtual entanglement within their own parallel dimensions. They constitute a super-system of complex adaptive holarchies which learn and evolve alone and as a Meta-System. Branes function as a Living Entity.

Because Branes are Virtual Worlds, similar to a Set in Mathematics, they become embedded into physical systems, where they blend-in with the textural matter and are not readily seen by the uninitiated. They are there, never-the-less.

As with all panpsychic collective subjectivities, there are Brane Worlds which consist of many lesser Branes, which operate as a Brane World Community. Think of this as large mathematical Sets containing smaller subsets. Because the Interior of any given sub-Brane is Infinite in scope, the magnitude of these panpsychic collectivities is measured in Cantor Sets.

All the Parallel Worlds of each Brane have virtual Branes that are Quantum Entangled with any number of other Parallel Brane Worlds, interconnecting to form Complex Adaptive Networks of massive structural architecture. These communicate non-locally with the Universal Information Field in real time, forming a trans-dimensional pan-psychism.

Trans-dimensional Brane Worlds may be rolled up and their data so well compacted that they could exist all around us without our ever knowing about them, and yet they are alive and interacting as Complex Trans-dimensional Networks, which regulate the flow of Universal Reality and its perceivable information alongside the environmental input-output connectivity that makes our 3D existence possible.

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