INTP: Creative Right-Brain Specialties

ontological sociology picture 6Human Nature shapes and designs its environment in new ways which bring meaning and utility to the service of our needs, whether practical or aesthetic. The ability to see the big picture, to assess relationships, and to discover significance is what makes art the alchemy of our future. R-directed thinking is interdisciplinary and holistic: it is a Renaissance Perspective which Integrates technology, cognitive science, utility and beauty, bringing Human Consciousness forth into New Frontiers of expanded evolutionary excellence.

And there’s more: this New Consciousness exists Embodied within the new Designer Environment, co-recruiting the spontaneous improvisation of problem-solving resources with the maximum efficiency and lowest expenditure of energy. We are co-evolving along with the surrounding context of our own creative designs. Human cognitive function has now grown outside of our individual heads to become embodied alongside us in the participatively reciprocating millieu of our Cultural Objects.

In such Living Entification as this, it will be essential that Holistic and Integrated Ecology of Form and Structure be taken into account and the greatest care be lavished upon the ultimate sensitivity of our ongoing structurations; for every actuality is now an influential contributory to our health, livelihood and well-being. The Magical Paradise has Evolved and we are now the Chief Earthly Stewards of all that we see before us and whatever is to come.