Mechanistic Indoctrination into Malthusian Canon

Part of our Mechanistic indoctrination into Malthusian canon is that there is not the same level of confidence in an established order between Hierarchical Beings of Will that we posit to Ordinary Principles.

We do not ‘ordinarily’ expect to be harmed by principles, except through ignorance or misuse, whereas we retain a lower level of confidence regarding our inherent safety among volitional beings.

In either case, the ultimate response to orderly law depends upon a living cognition. Matter cannot respond in orderly ways unless it has a ‘sense of something to which it ‘relates’. Even light and gravity are said to be ‘relativistic’ and systems are described as autopoietic. This only begs a question of ultimate underlying consciousness, giving matter a will and depriving principles of any inert status.

In this way (Malthusian bias toward principles over hierarchy of beings) do we more clearly trust orderly principles and base our faith in Metaphysics upon our rectitude in ordering them. We bias ourselves to exogenous order in social hierarchy and endogenous metaphysical subjectivity in the arrangement of thoughts; even when we fudge in the ultimate acknowledgement of autopoietic systems, because disordered thoughts are not reasonably arranged.

We can no more reason by insanity than we could be cognizant of things that do no exist. Existence and Order are therefore conscious necessities, Matter is Alive and Order is Social.